A few years ago, I changed my focus and allowed MendoClick to become inactive as a business. To all my past clients and supporters, thank you!

Lately I am creating an online database of supplement information that will help consumers and healthcare providers research and track ingredients they take and keep their costs down when they go to buy more. To do so, I am very excited to be learning a programming platform I started looking at ten years ago - Ruby on Rails.

I continue to maintain and enhance existing sites I previously developed in WordPress, including my pet project, Spark a Playful Mind (SAPM), as well as a couple of older sites in raw HTML and CSS, like the one you are looking at right now. (All links herein open in new windows or tabs, depending upon your browser settings.) I also do small website projects for nice people, and I love tutoring locally (Santa Rosa, California north through Ukiah, and especially Cloverdale, Healdsburg, Geyserville and Hopland). If interested, please contact me using the contact form at SAPM.

Education remains a passion, and if you share this, check out my blog, my links to education-related organizations, and my recommended books. I also have developed a custom deck of cards with games to teach and reinforce early math skills in a way consistent with Montessori materials. These games make use of the developing social focus of children ages three to nine. I have tested them on Kindergarteners and first graders, who loved them. Lastly, I am starting a list of vendors for unique and hard-to-find products to help children and often their parents and teachers as well.

Enjoy educating yourself!

Warm Regards,

Margaret Blauvelt

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Revised: March 10, 2016