Broken Hyperlinks in PDF Conversion from HTML

Unclickable Links in PDF

Have you ever saved a Web page to PDF, only to find that the hyperlinks you expected to be able to open did not work? I faced this problem when using the Chrome browser recently. The PDF’s I created showed my links underlined and in blue, appearing to be links, but there was no way to open them. (To create the PDF, simply pick “Save to PDF” when you start the process of printing a page.)

How to Save to PDF with Clickable Links

The solution? Use Firefox! The links for pages saved to PDF from Firefox worked just fine.

Before I made that discovery, I found online converters, such as Web to PDF, which is free. However, I needed to convert invoices, which on my system are not viewable without logging in. The result is that the online converter pulls up the “Not Found” page instead of the invoice. Not at all helpful.

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