How to Hyperlink to an Excel Cell in a Different File and Folder

If you are having trouble hyperlinking one excel spreadsheet to a specific location in another, I have an answer. Although I stopped focusing on Microsoft Office services when I moved into website development, I still use Excel every day and so do many of my clients. To help everyone, here is a solution to the… Read More

Word Wrap Rules! Change Default Settings

Long sheets of paper are stacked, folded and rolled together to make patterns of waves, circles and swirls.

Are you fed up with having to scroll horizontally when you look at code? Stop doing that! Change the program’s settings instead. I am not talking about WordPress in this article, except to say this: If you are having an issue with long lines making you scroll horizontally in WordPress, look at your block settings… Read More

Why Downloading is Not Working in Chrome–and 2 Easy Fixes

A woman holds her head in frustration while looking at her laptop screen.

Chrome blocks multiple downloads by default. While it may seem that downloading is not working, Chrome is addressing another problem: being bombarded by multiple downloads that you never asked for. The first file may download just fine but nothing happens when you click to download the second one. You are experiencing a “feature”! Read More

Don’t Use Canned Air! Five Advantages of Air Pumps

Canned air contains aerosol propellants, many of which are hazardous to breathe and destroy ozone. Air pumps are a good alternative.

You may be familiar with using a can of pressurized air to blow dust off the circuitry. Also known as an aerosol duster or air duster, it is more effective than vacuuming and with less risk to tiny circuits. Read More

Can it be Automated? AutoHotKey Can!

If it involves websites, just ask me. The rest of this article is about your own productivity on your own computer. If you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, there is probably a better way. I have been using a simple script generator, AutoHotkey, for many years now. It replaces much of… Read More