Include Assistive Technology in IEP’s, Says US Department of Education

In the 1990’s when I worked with a student who had serious mobility impairments and who could not speak, convincing school staff that he could benefit from a speech-output communication device seemed impossible. Finally he moved to another state, and we did not have any convincing to do because they already understood. Getting adequate funding and training for it was another matter. That is a story I will not go into here, as it was long ago, though such issues remain.

Now, thirty years later, the United States Department of Education is telling schools to include assistive technology in the individualized education programs (IEP’s) of special needs students who would benefit. This is very long overdue. I rejoice nonetheless!

You can find out more by reading Disability Scoop‘s article, “Ed Department Warns Schools Not To Overlook Assistive Technology In IEPs.”

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